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Admissions at Wales High School

Admissions to Wales High School are controlled by Rotherham Metropolitan Council.  Wales High School works closely with RMBC to try and facilitate all families who express an interest in their children attending Wales High School. If the number of preferences received for Wales High School does not exceed the admission limit, all preferences will be met. However, if there are more applications for admission to the school than there are places available, preference will be given to children in the following order:

  • Looked after children and previously looked after children (see note 3 below).
  • Children who on the closing date have a specific medical reason confirmed by a medical practitioner which the Authority is satisfied makes attendance at this particular school essential.
  • Children who on the closing date have a compelling social reason which the Authority is satisfied make attendance at this particular school essential. The kind of overriding social reasons which could be accepted are where there is evidence that the pupil’s education would be seriously impaired if he or she did not attend the preferred school.
  • Children who on the closing date live in the catchment area of the school as defined by the Authority whose older brother or sister will be on the roll of the preferred school in Years 8-11 at the start of the academic year 2018.
  • Children who on the closing date live in the catchment area of the school as defined by the Authority.
  • Children who on the closing date live outside the catchment area of the school as defined by the Authority whose older brother or sister will be on the roll of the preferred school in Years 8-11 at the start of the academic year 2018.
  • Children who on the closing date are on the roll of one of the associated Primary/ Junior/Junior and Infant schools as identified by the Authority.
  • Children who on the closing date live nearest to the school measured by a straight line on a horizontal plane, (commonly known as measurement, “as the crow flies”).

How to apply for a school place for your child


  1. Where the admission number for any school is likely to be reached mid category, places will be prioritised within that category by reference to the distance between the home address and the school. Highest priority will be given to those living closest to the school measured in a straight line on a horizontal plane (commonly known as measurement, “as the crow flies”).
  2. Where any final place at a school is available and two or more pupils are judged to be living equidistant from the school (e.g. in flats), the final place will be allocated by the drawing of lots by officers of the authority.
  3. A ‘relevant looked after child’ is a child that is looked after by a local authority in accordance with Section 22 of the Children Act 1989 at the time an application for admission to a school is made, and who the local authority has confirmed will still be looked after at the time when he/she is admitted to the school.  Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order). For further information please refer to the Admissions Code of Practice which can be downloaded from www.gov.uk
  4. Places will be allocated in accordance with the local authority’s co-ordinated admissions schemes for Primary and Secondary schools. In assessing preferences, the local authority will operate an ‘equal preference’ system, which means that no priority will be given according to the ranking of the preference, except where a potential offer can be made in respect of more than one school.  In that situation, the final offer of a place will be made at the highest ranked of the potential offer schools.
  5. Children issued with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) or Statement of Special Educational Needs will gain a place at the school named in the statement as part of that process.

In-Year Applications

What is an in-year application?

An in-year application is for children requiring a school place during the academic year, rather than at the usual transfer time to school (for example starting primary school, moving to junior school or moving to secondary school).  This is also known as a mid phase transition.

Rotherham’s arrangements for in-year applications to Rotherham schools.

Rotherham admission authority, schools and academies work closely with the local authority to manage and process applications in-year.

The School Admissions Code 2014 requires that the local authority and schools who are their own admissions authority must, on receipt of an in-year application, work in partnership to ensure all parties are notified of the outcome, so that figures on the availability of places in the area can be kept up to date. The admission authority must also inform parents of their right to appeal against the refusal of a place.

For applications for school places outside of Rotherham, parents should contact the relevant local authority for details of the relevant Admissions Policy but should apply for a place via Rotherham admissions under the co-ordinated admission arrangements. Contact details for neighbouring local authorities can be found in the Admissions to Primary/Secondary school booklets for parents available at www.rotherham.gov.uk

Applying for a place in year 10 or year 11

Performance and level of achievement/attainment are adversely affected each time a child experiences a transfer to a new school.  Avoidable and unnecessary changes should be carefully considered and parents need to be aware of the consequence of moving schools in key groups such as year 10 and year 11.

It may be difficult to find schools that can offer courses compatible with the previous school. However, schools are not able to refuse to admit children because they followed a different curriculum at their previous school.

How applications are considered

Applications for school places are considered within agreed timeframes with all admission authorities to ensure that every child of school age accesses an appropriate school place. Notification of the outcome of the application will be sent to parents by post. Admissions will normally be agreed up to the published admission number which applied for the normal year of intake. If an application is refused at any school applied for, parents are notified of their right to appeal.

Rotherham local authority will then identify all those preferences that can be met. When a place can be offered at more than one of the schools listed on an application, the local authority will write to offer a place at the highest preferred school where a place is available. Rotherham local authority will write to parents detailing the outcome of the application.

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